Decorating a Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary design is about having clean lines and curves, without clutter. Contemporary designers create casual rooms with open and comfortable spaces. You can update your dining room design by using a contemporary and modern aesthetic. If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing a set of contemporary chairs instead of a contemporary table rather than purchasing all new furniture.

Contemporary furniture has strong lines, straight edges and lots of right angles. If the furniture does have curves, they are soft curves and not the undulating scrollwork of more romantic French country style. When decorating a dining room, choose wooden or metal dining room chairs with straight backs. If you prefer upholstered chairs, choose leather or solid color upholstery. Prints are rarely used in contemporary design. Choose a dining room table with sleek, clean lines such as a thick wooden table without beveled edges, or a simple glass-topped table with silver legs.

Contemporary wall colors are generally neutral and stark earth tones. They do not have a lot of vibrancy and are not bright. Dark colors are rarely used, especially in dining rooms that do not receive a lot of natural light.

Choose wall art that reflects the contemporary aesthetic by using contemporary colors and designs, such as geometric patterns. Alternatively, choose favorite family pictures and have them matted and framed. Choose large mats with contemporary earth tones. Choose simple frames with sleek, clean lines.

Placing a rug in your contemporary dining room will help it look less sterile and more inviting. Choose rugs with subtle earth tones and a geometric or subtle design. Choose a brighter earth tone if you would like to add a pop of color to the room. If you have children and are worried about food spills, purchase a bamboo or hemp rug. Bamboo and hemp rugs’ design, color and function fit into the contemporary aesthetic and are more practical for some families.